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Your love sets me free I feel high I never knew I had it in me With you by my side I can breathe easy Breathe easy Yes I breathe easy

Still feel your touch in my dreams.
Forgive me my weakness, but I don't know why.
Without you It's hard to survive.

If you look at the sky
When you look at the sky and walk on the clouds
you are fuckin dreamer
you`re fuckin dreamer!

I pray for love... and I need you by my site.

Let me hold you for the last time

Baby,You're my dream come true

You can't play on broken strings

You can't feel anything that your heart don't want to feel

And then you came... Like an angel in the sky

I try to hold on, but it hurts too much

Saved me from the pain.. Of bein lonely for the rest of my life

I belive I can fly

Every night in my dreams i see you i feel you

I try to forgive, but it's not enough to make it all okay

Never give up on your dreams - follow the signs 

I just wanna feel,feel love...

If I can have you only in my dreams, i want to sleep forever

I can't tell something that ain't real

Come to me again in the cold cold night....

I'm going to live forever, or die trying!

Take me by the hand and dance with me in my dreams...

You're everything for me and I hope I'm everything for You

I want tell You tree words: "I love You"

Love is around me but not inside me

If you want to be more sexi , you must drink a lot of Pepsi

Just kiss and say goodbye.....

So goodbye, please don`t cry...we both know I`m not what U need...

Open your eyes..Look to the sky..Grab your wings..And start to fly...

I love school .. but in holidays

How can I love you?

Here in the shadows ... I'm safe ... I'm free...

Just close your eyes and I`ll be where you are...

I would like to stop the time, when I look at her...

Your heart is not open so I must go

Two hearts as one...

This is realy world not happy and fun...

I love you but I hate you!! I can't stop thinking it!

I like looking your eyes my baby

Nobody is perfekt. I'm nobody.

Hate that i love you.

Everything I do I do for you

I'm not a perfect person. there are many things I wish I didn't do

Nothing in my world could ever be the same

Lonely,I'm so lonely...

Love me or hate me.

So many hearts, but only my is broken

This life is never fair,the angels who you need are never there

My light will always shine for you

You make me wanna smile, you make me wanna sing, oh God I like you!

I just want to be everywhere you are..

I can still remember that music used to make me smile

Anybody looking for me...

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